Alejandro Sewrjugin

Co-Fundador Crowdjury

Alejandro is co-founder of “Crowdjury”, a justice system for the internet era. A crowdsourced judicial platform for internet. Global, transparent, auditable, instantaneous and low cost. Crowdjury opens cases to more people that can contribute providing evidence, being auditors or being judges, and they receive a compensation for their work. A full p2p judicial system working on the blockchain.

He also founded recently, “PhiEconomy”, a new theoretical and technology economy framework for the Post-Capitalism Era, focusing on bringing an inclusive and restorative view to the Economy –win/win system-. Promoting the Sharing Economy and the “Abundance”, taking advantage of the Blockchain technology and a proprietary “Phi” algorithm to balance the economic and financial fluxes within all participants on the system.

He is a “social hacker” looking into how exponential technologies –such as the Blockchain- can help us to re-shape the world we live in, create a better and more inclusive system and tap into the Global Grand Challenges we face as Humankind: inequality, poverty, energy, water, environment, shelter, food, learning.

He holds a BA degree from the University of Buenos Aires. He is a frequent speaker & advocate on Bitcoin & Blockchain related themes (Events: “Red Innova”, “Buenos Aires Entrepreurship Day”, “Social Media Day”; Universities: UBA, Torcuato Di Tella, ITBA; and National Congress). He also speaks about new technologies such as the Blockchain on a Radio Show every Friday (FM Delta).

He is starting a project with Argentina National Government to run workshops promoting throughout the country the “Opportunities for Argentina’s entrepreneurs on new and exponential technologies such as the Blockchain”.

He was recognized as one of the TOP 50 Argentina’s entrepreneurs by INC. LATAM magazine in 2012. And selected on the TOP 6 SEO Software in the US with its “VFO for Search Engines” app in 2013.

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