Claudio E. Fiorillo

Socio | Consultoria/FSI Leader - Delloite

Claudio has more than 24 years of experience in the financial sector. Specialized in Banking Sector is currently Consulting in Deloitte. He Lead Financial Industry Services and Digital & innovation for Latin America Region.

He has led several consultancy projects in Local and Regional Banks in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, México, Panamá, Peru, Dominican Republic among others. Within this sector, he has aimed his tasks at the following main work fields; Design and implementation of Strategic Planning processes, Counseling for the Financial Institutions’ Setting-up and reorganization, Evaluation and redesigning of Risk Management processes in financial institutions, Designing of an integral risk unit for oversight bodies, Development and implementation of Compliance programs in financial institutions and Reengineering of the concentration and digitalization processes as regards the regulations of the branch net of financial institutions. He also is a founder of the “Bridge Ecosystem Club” and exclusive space which join Banks and Fintech Companies to build the Ecosystem. He has also been speaker in several Conferences regarding Innovation and Fintech in Silicon Valley, Miami, Lima and Argentina among others. Also, he has published several articles like “To be or not To be Digital, that is the Question?” and also, his latest POV about “RegTech the B Side of the innovation” was recently released.

My Sessions

Banking and Industry Applications

Descubra cómo los Bancos, los bolsas de comercio, las aseguradoras y otras tantas industrias piensan aplicar blockchain en sus procesos.