Jason Seibert

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F. Jason Seibert, Esq. is a former data engineer for the United States Air Force and for several data and data telecom firms that transitioned from technology to law. Mr. Seibertʼs focus is technology based securities offerings, transactions and regulatory issues. From the first and only attorney to explain, in detail, cryptocurrency fundamentals pertaining to administrative and regulatory matters to a US federal judge, to advising small and medium sized businesses on navigating the ambiguous United States crypto-regulatory environment, Mr. Seibert is one of a few attorneys in the United States that is an expert in the cryptocurrency legal field.

Mr. Seibert represents clients in state and federal courts, administrative and arbitral forums, has been selected as a special master to state and federal judges and arbitrators for both securities and cryptocurrency issues, has advised state and federal legislators on securities issues, has prepared brief amicus (on the merits) for state supreme courts on securities issues, and has prepared and presented lectures across the United States on securities and cryptocurrency topics. Mr. Seibert is often invited to present on regulatory panels at legal and technology conventions, and currently resides outside of Houston, Texas.

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Legal Challenges

Los contratos inteligentes plantean una serie de nuevos desafíos para los abogados y las leyes en general. En este panel, profundizaremos sobre este cambio de paradigmas y sobre un caso defensa legal de Bitcoin en USA.