Jihan Wu

CEO Bitmain

Wu Jihan is the co-founder and director of Bitmain, the world’s leading manufacturer of bitcoin mining hardware bitmain.com. He is personally a bitcoin evangelist in China, who was the first person to translate the Satoshi whitepaper into Chinese in 2011, and subsequently founded bitcoin news portal 8btc.com.

After graduating from Peking University, he also had 3 years of experience as a financial analyst and investment manager in private equity fund. Besides in charge of marketing, sales and strategy of Bitmain, he also actively invests in bitcoin and blockchain companies and projects to boost the whole industry.

My Sessions

The future of mining and block size debate

Fabricantes de equipos y pooles de minería de China y otros paises, explicarán cómo ven el futuro de la industria y nos justifican qué posición toman sobre el debate del tamaño de bloque.