Juan Francisco Salviolo

Wayniloans - Founder

Wayniloans is a social network which offers a way to obtain loans in bitcoins. Lenders have the possibility to choose amount, interest rate, quantity and frequency of payments in order to solve their needs.

On the other hand, Wayniloans gives the opportunity for investors to increase their savings. They have the possibility to choose between a lot of loans based on the profit and risk that they are willing to bear. Wayniloans rates each loan in order to make the decision easier.

Wayniloans is a P2P lending with bitcoins because bitcoin is global, safe and has low transaction costs. We have developed a secure web service to manage multiple user accounts and bitcoin wallets. This service enables Wayniloans to create user profiles, wallets, receive balance, change notifications and send bitcoins to wallets within and outside the platform.

Wayniloans is the first P2P lending with BTC in Latin America.

My Sessions

The Real Financial Inclusion

Una moneda descentralizada que desconoce de prejuicios puede ser la clave para la inclusión financiera. Conozca el proyecto Argentino que está trabajando en la Villa 31 y promueve la inclusión digital y la construcción de un sistema de mérito basado en la blockchain.