Marek Palatinus

Slush & SatoshiLabs

Otherwise known as “Slush,” is Co-Founder and Architect of SatoshiLabs. Marek is most well known for inventing the concept of the bitcoin mining pool. Among his accomplishments and responsibilities, Marek operates Slush Pool since 2010, designed the lightweight Stratum protocol, and is the core programmer of TREZOR. Marek has over 15 years of experience in IT, co-founding several internet startups and working as enterprise architect for one of the largest banks in Central Europe. Since changing his focus to Bitcoin in 2010, Marek has dedicated his time to developing practical, accessible services and tools that can make Bitcoin even more widely adopted.

Marek graduated from the University Hradec Kralove with a Master’s of Science in Information management.

My Sessions

Bitcoin security beyond Bitcoin

La fundadora de Trezor y el Fundador de Slush nos mostrarán cómo una tecnología de seguridad originalmente pensada para bitcoin puede trascender sus fronteras y ayudar en otras áreas de la vida.