Sergio D. Lerner

RSK Labs Founder & Bitcoin Security Consultant

Sergio is a computer security/cryptocurrency researcher and serial entrepreneur. In 2015 he co-founded RSK Labs, the company developing the RSK Smart Contract platform.

In 2011 he joined the Bitcoin community and collaborated to strengthen the security of the Bitcoin Core by responsible disclosing 9 vulnerabilities. He also proposed more than 50 design improvements for greater privacy, interoperability, decentralization, scalability, and faster payments. However, he became widely known in the Bitcoin community when a data mining research he performed uncovered the accounts believed to belong to Satoshi. In early 2013, he created QixCoin, the first Turing-complete coin. He developed several methods to improve Bitcoin mining ASICs, such as using approximate adders, and fixed-nonce mining (combined 50% speedup). He periodically tweets at @SDLerner and blogs at bitslog.com.

Other entrepreneurial activities include co-founding several growing companies such as Coinspect (specializing in auditing the information security of Bitcoin startups and cryptocurrencies), Coinfabrik (a cryptocurrency software factory), WayniLoans (the only Latam-focused peer-to-peer lending platform), ASICBoost (developing more efficient mining ASICs), IdentivaSecurity (developing a revolutionary web authentication token), Pentatek, (a high-tech medical equipment manufacturer in Latam). He’s also served as advisor in Xapo.

In the 90s he studied Computer Science at University of Buenos Aires and became assistant teacher in Cryptography. Soon he began working on information security, doing intrusion detection, cryptanalysis and security hardening the Linux kernel, and kept working as a security consultant for several years.

My Sessions

Smart Contracts on Bitcoin (Turmeric’s Launch)

RSK Labs lanza su tan esperada plataforma para contratos inteligentes. La misma supera las funcionalidades de Ethereum y se basa en la seguridad de la minería bitcoin.