Tony Gallippi

Executive Chairman - Bitpay

Co-founder of BitPay in 2011, with the aim of providing checkout services for the bitcoin cryptocurrency. BitPay first featured in the news following a bitcoin conference in Prague, Czech Republic, which took place in November 2011. Following the conference, the company grew quickly within its first year from 100 merchants to 1,100 merchants using their service.

Since the foundation of BitPay, Tony Gallippi has been responsible for a number of large organisations joining the financial services company as a merchant. Also during the initial surge of popularity of bitcoin from 2012 onwards, Gallippi featured regularly in the media discussing bitcoin and BitPay.

My Sessions

An Universal Payment Channel

Aunque hoy todos hablan de la Blockchain, Bitcoin está mas vivo que nunca. Descubra porqué sigue siendo la moneda de preferencia y cómo está siendo aprovechada en todo el mundo.